Thursday, December 24, 2009

Aspen Bound

Yesterday was a LONG but extremely worth it day. We started off the morning at 7:30 got all of our luggage checked and headed to wait until our plane boarded at 11am. All went well! Reagan was a trooper and was entertained by the Wiggles and fell asleep for an hour. We arrived at Denver to catch our connecting flight to Aspen. This is when the day took a turn. We ended up arriving to the airport late and then they kept telling us there were delays. Finally we boarded the plane around 6pm. We get all settled in and then we are told the conditions are not good to fly in. We got off of the plane and then got tickets for a bus shuttle to take off at 8:30pm. The bus ride was 5 hours long! My regularly well behaved little girl SCREAMED the whole first hour. I felt for those around us. We arrived at our destination at 2am Christmas Eve instead of 4:00pm the day before. We are glad to be here and are enjoying the company! More pictures will be up soon :)

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