Friday, July 16, 2010

Cold Turkey

For some of you this will sound GROSS and TRIVIAL and for others you will know exactly what I'm talking about.

A few days ago we decided to get rid of the diapers and go straight to princess panties. I can't say I necessarily recommend doing this while 7.5 months pregnant. Let me tell you, it's been one of the biggest struggles so far and yet one of the most rewarding. Reagan has gone from some interest in the potty (around 18 months), to absolute NO interest (the last few months), to sitting on the potty until she is completely finished and says "COOK-IE!!". We've experienced lots of accidents and washed sheets... thank goodness for leather furniture! She's been great through the whole process. Yesterday she had to go #2 and sat there for over 15 minutes (that's a long time for a toddler) until she was completely done. She even did the same this morning. Wednesday night at church she used the "BIG" potty and went pee-pee. I was so proud =)  I'm trying to look at these positive moments, especially when there are a lot of exhausting uh-oh's. We've had funny moments such as yesterday at MiMi's restaurant where the automatic flushing sounded like it was going to eat her alive, poor kid!

Pray that I stay strong through this process and don't lose patience (not one of my finer qualities).

The Motivation

 The Potty

The Reward

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