Friday, September 10, 2010

Labor Day... well mine at least

As I sit here and type, it is almost 1:30 in the morning and I am lying in a hospital bed hooked up to an IV, catheter, and (WONDERFUL) epidural. I am between 8 and 9 cm dilated. So here's the story...

I felt a little odd last night and woke up today having some contractions. We had play group at 10am and I felt it would be good to get Reagan out to play with her friends since my contractions weren't overbearing. We went throughout our day as normal...

  • Picked up some Taco Bell for lunch.

  • Gave Reagan a bath since we didn't have time last night.

  • Put Reagan down for a nap with blankie, sippie, and plenty of dollies.

  • I got a short rest in.

  • Reagan woke up and played.

  • Daddy came home and took Reago to go get Inn&Out for us.

  • We went on a 45 minute walk.  (contractions are now starting to get more consistent)

  • Debating going to the hospital.

  • Finally made a decision to call Grammy and let her know Reago will be spending the night.

  • Took a shower. (contractions stronger and closer together)

  • Got out and totally lost mucas plug.... sorry TMI

  • Water proceeds to break and gush everywhere at 8:30pm

  • Grammy calls and picks up Reago.


  • Get admitted (because Thankfully my water broke and I'm group B strep pos) at 9:00pm.

  • Contractions are now 2-3 mins apart and PAINFUL. Took everything in me not to cry. Lots of moaning and "this hurts", "I don't want to do this", "I need something" (strong pain medication). Braden is awesome and letting me squeeze his hand to death. 
  • I'm 3 cm dilated

  • Hook me up to an IV and finally give me something to take the edge off.

  • Get a room where the anesthesiologist is waiting to give me my epidural (Lord bless her!)

  • Dilated to 5 cm.

  • Lots of poking and prodding.

  • Get to 7 cm dilated.

  • Epidural is feeling GOOD. I can relax and actually breath.

  • More poking and prodding.
  • Hubby takes a well needed nap from being such a great coach. 

I sit here waiting for baby Jax to decide to push through that last centimeter and give us a good cry :)


  • Started pushing around 4:30am
  • Baby Jax arrived at 4:39am
  • No tearing means no stitches :) 
Jax Stats
  • 7lbs 1oz
  • 19 inches
  • Lots of dark hair 


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