Saturday, September 18, 2010

Loving Life

Mimi with her grandbabies
Reagan fell asleep in the swing but was still holding on
Look at that face! 

We continue to do well. Mimi was with us from Saturday until Wednesday afternoon. What a great help she was!! We enjoyed many outings and delicious food. Reagan had such a wonderful time with Mimi that she cried when she left and asked about her numerous times since then.

Jax had his check-up at the doctor on Wednesday and weighed a fraction of an ounce more than his birth weight. The doctor was pleased with his weight and coloring. He is a very healthy boy who likes to EAT =) He is sleeping well and only wakes to eat. We're spoiling him by letting him sleep in our bed... actually I am spoiling myself by not having to get out of bed every time he wants to feed. The last few evenings he has had 4-6 hour stretches of sleep.

Reagan enjoys her new baby brother and has been such a help running to get things for mommy. She loves to give Jax lots of kisses and it's so sweet to hear her say his name. I am happy to report she has had no potty accidents and has yet to regress.

We loving our family of four. Life is good and we are very blessed with 2 healthy children.

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