Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Today Could Be The Day

It's my DUE DATE!!!

The day is still not over and there is hope that this little guy will want to make his appearance...

I doubt it.

Had a doctors appointment this afternoon. Doc said that I am no more than 1.5 cm dilated. I'd prefer to have no more of these painful exams. This means we must try everything under the sun to get things moving along. I've heard and read lots of suggestions and I think I believe that none of them REALLY work... he is going to be here when he is good and ready BUT it doesn't hurt to try some of them out :-)

I need to work on my "strong" quality, PATIENCE.

Pray for me as I am very uncomfortable and eager to meet my little ones sweet face.

Tomorrow is Reago's 2nd birthday. I must admit it will be nice to be able to focus the day strictly on her before the baby comes. Looking forward to a day all about my girlie girl.

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