Tuesday, December 14, 2010

12 Days of Christmas. Day 8 & 9.

Okay, so I'm making up for the last two days. What a slacker I have been! I'll do day 10 this evening (hopefully).

Day 8-Letters to Santa (Your Christmas wishlist)

Dear Santa,

I would like to redo and update our(the hubby and I) room... paint the walls, add some accent pillows, add a meaningful Uppercase Living vinyl saying to the wall, picture frames, and a mounted candle display. As for our bathroom I would like some plush luxurious bath towels.


PS I've been a good girl

Day 9-Wrapping tips

I don't really have any tips (I'm definitely not an expert) but I will show what I did this year.

1. Costco had a great deal on a pack of 4 gorgeous rolls of wrapping paper. I then shopped online and found a great deal on Target.com for a large tub filled with silver and blue bows & ribbons.  The tub that I purchased was under $4 online and the very next day I saw the same exact one at Target(in the store) for $13!! What a steal!
2. This too is part of the Costco wrapping, but I like  how the red adds a POP of color to the beautifully understated silvery tree pattern.
3. My nephew Griffin loves pirates. I had some natural brown wrapping paper (paper bag material) and added a silky red ribbon for a pirate feel and look. I then had stickers personalized with his name that say "Captain Griffin".
4. Another Costco wrapping, but if you look closely you can see the texture on the ribbon and bow. I just love this. It gives the wrapping a little extra umph.

1. I LOVE personalizing wrapping paper to the recipients personality and/or likes. This year Reagan and Jax each got their own wrapping paper. This was great, no need for name tags and each year I will choose a theme that they are currently into. For Reagan, I chose Disney Princess and added some fun & wild bows to match her free spirit.
2. These are from Papa and MiMi and I really liked how she added the jingle bell to go with the Tinkerbell theme. (Tinkerbell- another of Reagan's favorites)
3. Jax got 2 wrapping papers this year: The Grinch (nothing to do with his attitude) and old fashioned Frosty. I incorporated sparkly ribbon and big bows to tie in with the wrapping paper.
4. Old fashion Frosty wrapping for Jax. I used lots of different textured ribbon and colored bows to make each gift unique and not cookie cutter.

Hope you enjoyed!! I will add more photos of the kids soon :)

In the meantime, enjoy the last two weeks leading up to the BIG day.

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