Monday, January 10, 2011

What I'm Loving Most.

Sometimes you sit and wonder, do my babies really know & love me more than anyone else.  I was changing Jax today in his room and put my face right up to his. He looked at me and grinned real big. And, I saw it in his eyes. He loves his Mommy. On the other side of that coin, his Mommy loves him more than he will ever know.

I have become much more sentimental since having kids. Actually I think it started when I was planning my wedding, picking out a father daughter dance song & seeing my hubby tear up as I walked down the aisle.  But once the kiddos popped into the picture things took an even bigger turn. I can't listen to a country song about babies growing up without wiping a tear off of my cheek. Just call me hormonal (it has been 4 months). And, I dread the day when Reagan won't come up to me and say "I miss you too Mommy" or "I love you too Mommy" while grabbing my face to make sure she kisses me right on the lips.

Sorry to get all sappy on you... :)

Here are some favorites

Reagan Ann

  • singing Shirley Temple's  "Animal Crackers in my Soup" 
  • pulling her shirt up to nurse Minnie Mouse 
  • Calling her brother Jackson Boy
  • Catching onto phrases like "Oh Boy!"
  • the way she can light up a room by just flashing her sweet smile
  • How she is constantly concerned for her baby brother
  • When she sets the table for dinner
  • snuggles. snuggles. snuggles.
  •  Her need to nurture
  • Queso kitty (Hello Kitty)

Jackson Eli

  • Coos
  • the way he grin from ear to ear
  • his big blue eyes
  • snuggles. snuggles. snuggles.
  • how he holds on to you like he doesn't want to let you go
  • his little nose
  • the sound of him breathing while he sleeps
  • he's TOUGH.
  • the bald spot on the back  of his head
  • drool

I can't get enough of these TWO!!

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Nadine said...

So very precious! Everytime I look at Jaden and see how much he's grown/changed in the short two months of his life I tear up. It's crazy! Beautiful little angels you have there! <3