Friday, February 11, 2011

First Foods.

Yes, this is what they're called. As opposed to 2nd and 3rd foods, 1st foods start at around 4 months.

So I decided to be a good super mom and make homemade, that's right homemade baby food. To some this is crazy/unconvenient and to others this is healthier/economical. I'm leaning more towards economical & fun. I like to try new things out. So I biting the bullet and going for it any chance I get... like right now while Jax is in his swing sleeping and Reago is prancing around playing.

I tried a batch of sweet potatoes a couple of weeks back and Jax loved them so I decided this is the way for us.

Yesterday we were out at the Fountains picking up a gift for a special loved one. While pushing the kids around in the stroller I debated heading back to the car or going over to Whole Foods.

Ehh, why not.

So we ventured over and stopped at the produce department where I stood in amazement of the fabulously organized fruits and vegetables. Their gorgeous colors were pleasing to my eyes and I couldn't wait to see what I could buy to make baby food with.

I found a lovely lady here who had so quick & easy recipes. One was first carrots and the other first spinach with white yams .

So here we go. My first (well second) real attempt at making my own baby food.

All of this gets to go in this cute little belly

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