Monday, February 28, 2011

Miscellany Monday.

Stinky Rat.
Last week we had a dead rat. We tried everything to find that little rodent. Braden tore up the wood flooring under the sink, pulled out the dishwasher, and checked the garbage disposal to see where the AWFUL smell was coming from. Sure enough we figured out it was a dead rat. Papa Dave came over to help us find it. The little rascal was found and now Mama is a happy camper to have the stink out of her kitchen.
The color I push want Reagan to LOVE as much as I do. In any case, she loves having her nails painted.

Mama Mariah.
Jax can't get enough of Mama Mariah. She is a wonderful girl at our church who Jax took to right away. We call her Mama Mariah because she has that special touch. As soon as I hand him over to her, little man falls quick asleep or is happily content in her arms.

The faux hawk.
I can't get enough pics of Jackson boy and his little fauw hawk. Daddy is not a fan of the 'do'. I'm a biased mommy and think that he is the most handsome baby boy there ever was. He melts this Mama's heart.

We love to paint on rainy days. It's washable. No worries. Reagan enjoys making art out of white paper lunch sacks for Daddy to take to work.

I think Me and these teeth are going to have it out! They are making my normally sweet boy be a bit of a cranky pants and his little nose is running like a faucet. Oh ya, not to mention the diaper rash. Hopefully we he will catch a break before the next ones decide to make their way through.

The TO DO list.
There are so many things. I feel my head spin sometimes.
Here's SOME of what the next few weeks hold:
  • church fellowship meeting
  • visiting a dear friend who just had her baby girl
  • MRI for Jax
  • Behavorial study for Jax
  • Spring/2.5 & 6 month old photos
  • a few birthdays
  • a birthday party for twins
  • family visiting
  • jam making
  • deciding on a preschool
  • Disneyland planning
  • farmer's market
  • signing Reagan up for dance class
  • baby food making

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