Sunday, May 8, 2011

That's the way we do Mother's Day.

WOW! I am SOOO unbelievably BLESSED.

What a perfect Mother's Day.

The kids were absolute ANGELS.

We had the pleasure of my Dad, Mom, & Sister coming up to visit.

I cooked up some French toast (made from the DELICIOUS pugliese bread from Costco) served with lots of fresh fruit from the Farmer's Market up the street. To.Die.For.  Oh!! And, Kielbasa :)

Mmmmm, mmmmm, GOOD!

I got 2 beautiful cards. One from my sweet girl (& Jackson boy) & the other from my Hubby.

We (Mom, Sis, Reago, & I) dolled ourselves up & went to church as a family.

We had reservations for BRUNCH at 2:15 at our FAVORITE restaurant, La Provence

The food was WELL WORTH the wait. Delectably Delicious! And, the company was great :)

These are the sweet presents that my Mom brought for me. Have I mentioned what a FABULOUS gift giver she is. I hope to be just as good one -- I try now.
Really enjoying these recipes & can't wait to try more. She is AMAZING!

Mommy Daughter hand-crafted bracelets-LOVE! (so does Reago)
Thanks Mom!
Me & my beautiful Mom

She had a blast with Auntie Cecie
My Sister, Mom, Me, & my sweet Reagan girl
MiMi with her grandbabies
My lil guy was tuckered out-- So precious!
My main squeeze ;-)
MiMi & Papa Richard
Love my munchkin SO much!!

The girl who gave me my first Mother's Day :)

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