Friday, June 3, 2011

Enjoying time with my Nephew & Niece.

Today I got the pleasure of watching my handsome nephew & sweet niece from 7:30am-3:00pm. We had a good time!
Jax & Griff-it was still early morn, Jax is sporting the bed head

All of the kids were well-behaved & I can HONESTLY say there were no tantrums.

Piper & Reagan- pretty princesses
We kept busy. This made for an easy nap time  :)

Fortunately I had this PIRATE craft for Griffin
Taking a break to have a snack- Love Piper's cheesers

Story Time, even Jax was interested
Griff & Reago enjoyed painting some pretty artwork
Piper wasn't too interested in painting, here's what she did :)
I strapped Jax in the BJorn & loaded the kids in the wagon for a stroll around the block
This was all before noon. Then my girlfriend Emily & her adorable daughter Hannah came over to share lunch with us & have a play date.

Chicken nuggets, fruit, & apple juice-- kids lunch

After they ate, it was a little more play & off for naps. As soon as Reagan & Griff's head hit the pillows, they were OUT.

It was a great day & I'll watch those munchkins again anytime.

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Ashlynn said...

You must have been a tired momma after this day! Cute pictures :)