Thursday, July 7, 2011

Grandchildren Photos.

Once a year when Braden's sister Davia & her two kiddos come to visit from Georgia, we get all of the grandchildren together for a Picture People photo shoot. This morning I had to pull out the bribes. I brought along suckers for Reago & I had a few other ideas up my sleeve if those didn't do the trick (thank goodness they did!!). Reago did great!! She smiled perfectly minus her hands being all over the place (in her face, crossing each other, etc.). Jax on the other hand (DID NOT CRY) but was not his normal smiley self :-/ I was a little bummed about this but he still looked handsome as ever. Once I get the photo from my MIL I will scan it in to show you the finished product.... be EXCITED, they turned out SUPER CUTE!

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