Tuesday, July 19, 2011


So there was a Groupon about 2 weeks ago for California Family Fitness. AND, I could not pass it up. $59 for 4 individual swim lessons (one on one) & a 30 day pass for up to 5 family members. WOOT!!!

Reagan is signed up for the swim lessons. I had looked around for lessons & had a bad experience with one place. I figured that Reagan could just enjoy the pool with Mommy & Daddy & we would look into lessons again next year. BUT, when this deal came around I changed my mind. I'm really looking forward to them & I'm THRILLED that they are ONE ON ONE and not in a group setting.

We have been taking full advantage of the 30 day membership. In the evenings we like to take the littles to the pool. On Saturday, Braden & I had our first (free) session with a personal trainer. It was fun & a bit challenging. And, boy was I sore!! I'm VERY out of shape. I told the trainer that I would like to tone up & it was music to my ears to hear her say it wouldn't take much :) We get one more free personal training session & I would like to get a routine that I could do about 3 times a week... we'll see how that goes :)

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