Friday, July 22, 2011

I lost my {wedding} ring.

That's right. One year ago, I LOST my wedding ring.
Page out of our wedding book

And, here is the {nightmare} story...

It was the middle of summer. I was about 7 months pregnant toting a {potty training} TWO year old everywhere I went. On this particular day, we needed to make a trip to Target (right up the street). *side note* I am not a fan of this Target, but when I need something quick this is where I go.

So Reagan & I were shopping around the store when she informed me she needed to go potty. We were in the midst of potty training so I quickly took her to the public bathroom. I dropped my cart outside, gathered the diaper bag & Reago, and proceeded to the first stall. I hung my diaper bag on the back of the stall door while I helped Reagan do her thing. I thought it wise to use the antibacterial lotion that I had with me rather than taking the time to go over to the sink to wash our hands.


I took my rings off (not wanting to get them all lotiony) & set them {STUPIDLY} on top of the front pocket of the diaper bag. I did not place them inside. I did not put them in my pocket. I figured I would be quick & then put them RIGHT BACK ON.

Reagan got some hand sanitizer lotion as did Mommy & we were off. I remember going to grab some milk & maybe 1 or 2 other things. We then went through the register to check out & then out to the car. I was buckling Reagan into her car seat when I felt a little naked. I looked at my hand & to my disgust my rings were not on my finger!! My heart dropped & I was freaking out a little. I quickly unbuckled Reagan, grabbed her, & headed back into the store where I told the first employee what had happened (as I'm rushing back to the bathroom). Mind you, all of this happened in a mere 10 minutes- from me taking Reago potty to buckling Reago in the car seat.

So I frantically searched the stall we were in, the ground, under all of the stalls, some trashes, etc. I even looked in the toilet. I did happen to find my small band. I'm thinking my BIG ring was heavy & bounced farther. After the bathroom search I back tracked where we had gone in the store & was looking all around the cash register floors. NO SUCH LUCK.

How disgusting is that!? Someone (most likely) found my ring, did not return it to lost & found, & kept it for themselves. I just don't understand how you find a object of sentimental value like that and not give it back to it's rightful owner. That's just plain greed & pure selfishness. We are definitely living in a world surrounded by evil.

I headed to customer service & reported it. There was nothing else I could do. I took Reago back to the car & called Braden. I couldn't help but cry. He told me he wasn't upset, but the odd thing was that I wasn't worried if he was upset, I WAS UPSET! I realized later, that was selfish. He was the one who saved all of his money to get me that gorgeous ring. And what did I do, LOST IT!

In the hopes that some junky was trying to make a quick buck, I would peruse ebay & craigslist for weeks {driving myself crazy & feeling sick at every ring I saw that looked remotely like mine}. The day the incident happened, Braden went to the 4 surrounding pawn shops & gave them a photo of the ring so they could be on the lookout.

Thank goodness, we had all of the papers & recent appraisal information on the ring. We were able to make a good solid stolen jewelry police report. There is NO DOUBT, that if that ring shows up IT'S MINE!!!

Aside from it's worth & market value, I am distraught because of the sentiment that the ring held. Braden & I picked out the center diamond (I knew all it's stats) & the unique one of a kind setting it would be placed in. He had spent a lot of time saving up for this beautiful ring & thank the Lord it was paid for in full.

I think to myself, it could have been Reagan that I lost. At least I lost a possession & not a priceless life. Maybe the ring was taken out of my life for a reason. I adored that gorgeous piece of jewelry & often found myself just holding my hand out to stare at it's beauty.

It's been a rough lesson to learn. And let me tell you, it still stings to think about. I was getting nauseated last night contemplating this post. BUT since I will get this blog printed out in book form, I would like to have the story for my records. And, I wasn't able to do that until a year later :(

I saw a show (I think Nate Berkus) where a lady got her ring back after many many years. I'd like to think that could happen to me. Holding on to hope makes it a little better. SIGH.

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Lone Star Family said...

So sorry to hear about your ring. I would be so heart broken too. It was a beautiful ring and I can honestly say that because I have that same ring setting!! (Don't worry I didn't find it in Target ;)My husband got it for me 5 years ago. I pray it makes it's way back to you some day.