Tuesday, July 12, 2011

It's almost birthday time!!

Okay, so not really. BUT I have been planning for Reagan & Jax's birthdays for the last few months.

I had Jax's invitations all printed up which meant that the place where the party is to be held IS PERMANENT. In that case, I needed to go check out the park one last time to make sure I was SURE of my decision. (Didn't really matter since the invites are good to go)

Sunday after church we grabbed some Subway with the littles & headed over to (Jax's Birthday) Park. AND, I was thrilled & happier than I thought with my decision. The.Park.Is.Perfect.
Infant/Toddler area

Spot I am hoping to reserve

Big Kids structure

Lots of fun!

There is LOTS of shaded picnic tables. A HUGE BIG kids play structure. A fun medieval themed infant/toddler area. 3 different kinds of swings. FLUSHING toilets. And, a nice ROOMY grass area to play kick ball.

We really enjoyed the 80-something degree weather. Reagan didn't want to get off of the swings & Jax was ready to take off :)

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