Thursday, July 28, 2011

Jax 10 months

I'm behind on this one, but better later than never...
In dire need of a hair cut
Jax is crawling like a maniac and QUICK.  He persist to keep crawling like a 3 legged dog, but it doesn't slow him down. He's a fast little stinker & sneeky quiet. I have to keep my eye on him.
Someone got stuck
Food has gotten SO much better. In just the last week he has actually eaten {the small 1st foods by Gerber} "baby food". Yesterday he downed a thing of prunes & sweet potatoes. This is HUGE for him. Up to this point he has pursed his lips & stubbornly refused the stuff. We have started doing half whole milk & half formula in his bottles. He doesn't seem to mind.
-He is cruising around on anything he can pull his two little hands up on .
-Not many words come out of his mouth, but when he does say something it is usually Momma {in that whiney, I want my mommy way} & sometimes Da-Da.
-He loves sitting in his baby ring floating around the pool {& doesn't mind being splashed}
-STILL sucks on that pacifier
-He has 4 teeth on the bottom & 2 on top with the side ones recently popping their way through the gums. A grand total of 8 teeth at 10 months like his sister.
-Sleep at night is going GREAT! He goes to bed between 7-8pm & wakes around 7ish {sometimes with an early morning baba}
-Naptime is wonderful. He goes down around 9 or 10am easily {with a baba} & back down for about a 45 min to an hour afternoon nap. Only 2 naps a day. It works :)

 Love this little guy to pieces!!

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Faith said...

Aww! My little Aiden skipped crawling completely! Glad Jax is progressing so well! :)