Sunday, August 28, 2011

Reagan Day 1.

Reagan Ann:

*You are a GIRLIE girl & there is NO denying it.

*You look adorable in anything. Mom likes it best when you are in a boutiquey outfit with a over the top colorful matching bow in your long silky blonde hair.

*You LOVE anything Disney Princess. Your top 2 favorites are Sleeping Beauty {Arora} & Tangled {Rapunzel}. None the less, you still will dress up in your Cinderella & Tinkerbell costumes & be just as happy.

*You are awesome at going potty all by yourself & just recently started washing your hands {all by yourself with your little step stool}. We are still working on wiping when it comes to #2, but you are all on your own for pee pee & only need help with turning on the light.

*You really enjoy painting & coloring.

*You do not like hot dogs, but can down a cheeseburger like it's nobodies business.

*You are great about trying new foods... doesn't mean you always like them, but at least you try.

*You absolutely can't get enough of SINGING & playing pretend

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Faith said...

she is absolutely precious! love her bow and headband holder!