Sunday, October 2, 2011

My little guy's MRI's

When Jax was an infant we received a letter in the mail to participate in an UC Davis Infant Sibling Autism Study.
1 year old brain scan

I called & we decided to go forward in the research study. Jax does not have autism. The point of the study is to detect signs in the brain & behavior of infants as young as 6 months old. They told me that this has not yet been done. So for the first 3 years of Jax's life we will go in for behavioral analysis & MRI's.
Getting ready for his 1st MRI
6 month MRI

Starting when Jax was 6 months old we started going in for behavioral analysis (we've done 3 up to now). These appointments usually last about 1-2 hours. During this time Reagan gets to hang out with a sitter out in the AWESOME play room & go outside on their fun play ground. Jax & I are taken to a small room where lots of little behavioral tests are done (ie how he plays with different toys, spoon feeding him, how he responds to words & his name, his reaction to a video they have him watch,etc.).

Every 6 months we go in for an MRI. His first one was when he was 6 months old & it was quite an experience! It is the weirdest abnormal feeling to see your little baby go inside that BIG MRI machine & knowing this is for research, nothing is wrong with him. I can't even explain how I felt that first time, a little upset.

Our MRI's happen to be in the evening. It is necessary that he be asleep during the scanning process. There is a rocking chair, crib, a bed so that I can lay next to him, blankets, sheets (blue with white stars) over the machines, & rhythmic music all to help him ease into night night time. It is a HUGE process to get him to go to sleep. This last time it took almost 2 HOURS!

There are so many details that I am leaving out (due to being tired). If you have any questions feel free to ask. This has been an interesting journey. And, oddly enough quite a blessing in disguise. If you remember, Jax had a nasty fall at around 4 months old. They didn't decide to do an MRI at that time, but now that we are a part of this STUDY it gives this Momma peace of mind to see how his little brain is developing & knowing that everything is right on track.
These photos had to be taken outside of the room due to the BIG MAGNET.

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