Friday, October 14, 2011

Rain, Rain Come again!

Oh my goodness, it's mid October! We are constantly on the go. Our days are spent having playdates, going to preschool, baking, running errands, & squeezing in much needed naps (so we don't have grumpy bears). I am in desperate need of a post (it's been a week & a half!). Here is some of the fun that we've been having...


Braden & I went to Reago's back to school night (last night). Out of 20 photos Reagan made it in 3 (there are about 30 kids in her class)!

Her go to spot--DRESS UP!

 It rained ONE day last week.


Riding the carousal at the mall with Luke
Mommy Group at the Zoo

They got to check out a bunch of animal up close & personal
2nd Week of Ballet/Gymnastics

1st time flipping on the bar

Reagan made Halloween spiders out of her hand with MiMi (note the eyelashes)
You might ask, WHERE'S JAX? Don't worry, he's definitely around being ALL boy throwing anything he can & scootin' toys/cars all around the house. These days it's hard to make the little guy hold still.

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