Saturday, November 19, 2011

Disneyland Day 2.

On DAY 2 we got to go into the park (along with a hundred other people) a hour (9am) before they officially open.

Reagan had gone earlier with Papa & MiMi to have breakfast at the Jazz Kitchen Express. So when we got onto Main St, I grabbed a (much needed) coffee & Braden got a GINORMOUS hot cinnamon roll.
 Here are a couple family shots

Then off to some rides in Fantasyland (which seemed to be our favorite spot)




Braden & I rode the Matterhorn while the rest of the gang took a boat ride. Ours got done early so we grabbed Reagan a popcorn that she had been persistent about. She really enjoyed it :)
Then it was trekking our way over to Toon Town

Reagan was soooo nervous standing in line for this ride...

 Reagan's 1st roller coaster
We had lunch in Frontierland at Celebration Roundup & BBQ. It was all you can eat BBQ chicken & ribs, coleslaw, baked beans, & cornbread. The food was really good & I especially liked the slaw because it had a viger-y sauce instead of a mayo dressing. While you eat they have entertainment going on. Reagan was eager to get up & dance. She even got to go up on the stage.
Right around the corner was Santa's Reindeer Roundup where Reagan got to color & see REAL reindeer. Oh, & take a photo with Pluto.

HAUNTED MANSION where they told the story of "Sandy Claws"

Reagan & her love for pickles...
We had a reservation at 5:30 for Goofy's Kitchen to have dinner & see some more characters in a relaxed fashion.

Later in the evening, we staked out a spot over at California Advventure to watch the WORLD OF COLOR light & water show. It was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!

Another great day full of LOTS & LOTS of F-U-N :)

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Jessica said...

So fun ash! We ate at the BBQ place too and it was delicious!!!! How fun seeing reindeer! We did a lot of the same things as you! Even eating jazz kitchen for breakfast everyday! It's cool how if you stay at Disneyland hotel you get to go in park early one day huh?!