Thursday, March 1, 2012

Last night, Reagan requested that I make scones for breakfast. Come morning time, an extra 10 minutes of sleep sounded much better than 10 minutes of scone prep. It's been raining off & on all morning which makes it less enticing to run errands.While Reagan was at preschool Jax & I made one little trip over to Kohl's (I found an old gc in my wallet with $19 on it). I picked him up a pair of shoes & we headed home to stay dry & warm.

And, since I had some extra time to spare I made Miss Reago some white chocolate chip & cranberry scones with a milk chocolate drizzle. Yes, I love my girlie girl & I have decided that when my kids are all grown I will open up a little scone shop. They.are.that.GOOD.

The stroller has been way over due for a good scrub down. So last week during some sun shining weather, I pulled it out to do just that. Reagan was napping & Jax decided he would be my little helper. I mixed together my {pinterest} concoction of equal parts hydrogen peroxide & baking soda. I went to town!

 Jax thought it'd be fun to play in the water mixture. I gave him his own rag to help scrub, but he insisted on washing himself instead. I didn't think anything of it until he started crying & then crying more hysterical. It then dawned on me. My precious boy has super sensitive skin & the "concoction" was burning it. I quickly stripped him down, put him in our "farmhouse" sink, rinsed him off, & then let his naked buns run wild in the front yard. He thought he was hot stuff!

A few days last week Reagan was feeling a bit under the weather. I thought it best to have a take it easy jammie day. We worked on writing her name & she's been practicing how to spell it out loud.

Saturday, I took the kids to Alyssa's 4th birthday party. The two of them had a blast running around. In the evening Reagan was in for a surprise. Her & I went to run a couple of errands & when we got back home Grammy & Piper were waiting to pick up Reagan for a girls sleepover. Piper & Reagan are too cute together. Such girlie girls! I love these precious cousin moments & look forward to more slumber parties.

On Monday, Reagan had a little ballet performance during the last 10 minutes of her class. Grammy, Auntie Ash, & Piper came to watch her. She was so adorable!! I can honestly say she is the best listener in the class. She listens & follows Miss Chelsea to the best of her ability. It makes me proud to see her being such a good little girl.

After class we had a play date with Luke & his Mommy Rebecca at the park.

My cautious boy

It's been a fun week & the weekend brings more excitement :)

I will leave you with Reagan's sweet drawings for MiMi's birthday sign.

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