Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sunshine & Summertime!

I have yet to mention the fabulous beach house vacation we will be taking this Summer. I can't even describe to you how uber duper super excited I am!! This is one of those trips that I had hoped I would take my kids on. And, my lovely Father In Law & Mother In Law are making it happen for their 40th wedding anniversary.

We will be spending a whole week {7 days!} with ALL of my in-laws creating memories that will last a life time. I know that sounds so cliche, but I truly believe these are the moments my littles will remember deep into their adulthood.

I can just picture Reagan & Piper giggling while running down the beach together hand in hand. And, I have know doubt that Jax & Griff will get sandy from head to toe making swords out of drift wood found on the shore.

We all get to stay together in a GORGEOUS beach house. Not a house blocks away from the beach. NO. An actual BEACH HOUSE. You step out the back door right onto the shore. Aaaahhhhh..... I am going to be in pure heaven!

Here are a few photos of the house.

The blue paint screams ideal beach house

I imagine all of the cousins sitting here in the morning eating breakfast together :)

This is the kids room complete with a fire pole that drops down from the attic

I look forward to lots of good family meals out here!

Game room with fooseball, ping pong, & pool table

Oh my goodness, I am getting anxious just thinking about sitting out here on the deck with this breathtaking view

The views from the house are just incredible!

LOVE the crisp white clean decor

Waking up to this out your window every morning, SIGN ME UP!
So while it's been raining cats & dogs this week...

I'm dreaming of sun bathing in this {thanks to my Hubby}

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