Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Early Mother's Day Treat, A food mobile event, & so much more!

Another week has come & gone. POOF! Just like that, it's already halfway through the following.

Monday (a 1.5 wks ago), was spent enjoying the nice weather at the park with Mommy Group. Avery had the CUTEST crocheted garden hat on! Someone brought sand toys & the kids were occupied digging & playing pirates & sharks/dolphins.

 On our way home we stopped & met Daddy at Subway for some lunch.

Tuesday, we met Laura {& the twins} & Rachel at the Farmer's Market. I needed to pick up a couple oil cloth pouches that I had made. These will be great this Summer to hold snacks, wet bathing suits {they are lined with oil cloth on the inside}, sunscreen, etc.

There is a balloon girl at the Farmer's market. This is suppose to be a ray gun. Jax was not overly impressed.


After getting a Vanilla Freddo at Pete's, we perused the Farmer's market & then headed over to the park to let the kids get some energy out.

 Later that day, there was a Target run & of course of fruitstand stop.

In the last couple of months our schedule has changed a bit. There is no more Monday ballet & Mommy Group switched to Mondays. So that leaves our Wednesdays free & clear to schedule other play dates or run necessary errands. 

This particular Wednesday morning was spent taking it easy while the kiddos played outside. Eventually, we grabbed some Subway & went to play at the park {where Jax's 1st birthday was held}. 

 Pizza Wednesday

We take the kids to church in their jammies on Wednesday nights. This makes things A LOT easier when we get home around 8:30. I love peeping in to see this right before bed time...

Thursday morning...

Jax being the daddy.

Reagan insisted that she needed a photo too. She's such a good little mommy.

 For dinner, we went to Red Robin where we *somehow?* managed to have ANOTHER free burger. We just might have an addiction...

 This was before we went out to dinner

I don't have any photos from Friday to share so we will skip right along to Saturday morning starting with a delicious waffle breakfast.

Bra took the kids for a walk/wagon ride down to the fruitstand & let me get ready for the Mother's Day brunch Reagan & I were going to later that morning. About an hour or so later they came back with lots of healthy treats. There was a basket full of cumquats which Bra swore were good & that I must try... I did not love them (at all!). You have to chew them really fast to get past the bitter orange peel taste. Yuck & no thank you! I'll stick with my basket of cherries :)

We were cutting it really close on time when they got back. I quickly dressed Reagan & put the last finishing touches on myself. I had planned a Mother's Day brunch/lunch for my MIL, SIL & niece, my Mom & sister, & Reagan & I here  High Hand Nursery & Conservatory. Unfortunately, my Mom & sis weren't able to make it :( But we are going to go again with them soon.

The day was pure loveliness. We got an amazing spot with a view out to the nursery full of blooming flowers & plants. Our lunch was great. I got the Reuben with honey mustard potato salad & Reagan got 2 pancakes bigger than my head.

After lunch, we wandered the nursery & let the girls look at the koi pond. We ended by checking out the cute little fun shops.... candles, handmade goodies, jewelery, arm, pottery, etc.

 The day continued to be fabulous with an evening picnic at the park down the street with my 3 loves.

Later that night, I attempted to "trim" Jax's strangely bangs. I.SHOULD.NEVER. cut my kids hair. EVER.EVER.EVER! Poor little guy looked like one of the cast members from "The Monkeys". You shouldn't do that to your kid.

Bra & I both looked at each other & just died laughing.

It was necessary to rush him to get it fixed at 6:30 at night. I took him to Bra's guy who was super nice & took him even though it was 45 mins past closing.

Sunday, at church, Haley took they great photo of Reagan & her cousin Piper.

Reagan snuggled up all during morning services with Sister Marie. It was too sweet!

Bra had mentioned a mobile food truck event going on & I thought that sounded like a fun time. So after church we went downtown to enjoy lots of good food including.... a Belgian waffle, a Chicago dog, 2 amazing beef sliders, sweet potato tots, & a taco. We had a fantastic time walking around & even eating at a bus stop over the street.

This past Monday, we had another play date at the park with our Mommy Group & invited Emily & Hannah to join in on the fun.

Since Daddy was working in the office, we met him at Panera for a tasty lunch.

On Tuesday, while dropping Reagan off in the morning, Jax got bit by one of the little preschooler boys. I didn't realize until we had got out to the car & then sure enough there were two prominent bite marks. So we went back to let the teachers no. I didn't want to make a big deal. I just wanted to inform them in case they needed to do something. Long story short, the teachers were very sympathetic, we got an ice pack & went on our way.

We spent the morning at Laura's house cooking up some strawberry jam & enjoying brunch. The little ones enjoyed roming outside & playing with bubbles.

When we picked Reagan up from school, we talked to the parents of the little boy who bit Jax. I assured them that I wasn't "one of those" Moms & that I understand that these things happen. I don't in any way condone biting, but I may be that parent one day whose kid was bit by Jax. I can only hope they treat me the same way I handled this situation. The little boy apologized to Jax & we went on our merry way home for lunch.

I got glimpse of this sign while signing Reagan out. I just love it!

Jax & I were a bit early in picking Reago up so we stuck around for a bit while she played.

Once the littles were fed lunch at home (we've been going out a lot since my birthday), they eagerly got their bathing suit gear on & headed outside to play in the water.

Papa & Grammy had invited us over for a very yummy spaghetti dinner. It was quite a treat & I didn't have to worry about any last minute fruitstand stops to prepare something for dinner. Grammy was also so sweet to stitch up Reagan's dolly.

As for today, it was very low key. Our only outing consisted of a quick trip to Costco & picking up a Cowboy Pizza from Papa Murphy's.

This was our solution this morning after everyone was getting pushed & shoved in the big chair.

And, I'll leave you with my favorite hair gadget at the moment.

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