Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Added a few more things

Lately, these kiddos have been cracking me up.
Reagan will tell me, "Mom, we need to have a talk." Then she gets all serious & will tell me things like, "Sometimes you're a mean mom & I want to fight with you, but God doesn't like that". This is out of the mouth of a 3 year old!
Just now she said, "You are a beautiful nice mom. You are a wonderful mom." Other times after I get dressed she will say, "You look beautiful" or to Bra she'll say, "You look Hannnnnd-some!".
And, a couple of days ago she said, "You are an angry mom." In reply, I told her angry mommies don't take their kids to the park or do fun things....she quickly changed her mind :)
The BEST thing that she's been saying {all the time} is, "Alllll-right....If you say so." It is too cute!
 She is your typical 3.5 yr old,  full of curiosity & LOTS of creativity with a BIG dash of sassafras.
She still enjoys Shirley Temple & I just signed her up for TAP. She takes any chance she gets to "perform".... whether it be during commercials to serenade us, dancing with daddy during Dancing with the Stars (which we don't regularly watch), twirling around to music ANYWHERE, dressing up in her princess costumes, or playing "CHURCH" in the living room.
 She insists on wearing a "Princess"every day. And, I'm not talking about her costumes. No. These are her fancy church dresses. She especially likes the "doggy" dress Grammy got her. In the last couple of weeks, she has constantly asked to wear it.
Reagan is VERY independent. For the last couple of months she insists on getting into the car by herself. She goes to her side OPENS THE DOOR {all by herself}, gets in, closes the door from the inside {once again, all by herself}, & proceeds to buckle her car seat {which I check to make sure is secure, don't worry Dad, Mom, & Ashleigh}.
 She's been working on learning how to make her bed. We don't do it every single day, but we are getting in the process. She's good about getting the sheet up & straight & then I help her with the blanket followed by her arranging her dolls in front of the pillow.
 Another way she expresses her independence is by dressing herself {which she's been doing since she was really little}. During the colder days she always made sure she buttoned her WHOLE sweater even when I told her she could leave it undone. Now she likes to do the belt on her capri shorts & she's a master of buckling her Salt Water Sandals.
She's a fantastic little helper in the kitchen & looks darling in her pint size aprons.
 She likes to tell me she's BRAVE. And this, she is. Reagan is the definition of girlie girl while being one little tough cookie. She's the 3 year old going head first down the slide.
She LOVES bugs. More importantly, she has a fascination with ANTS.

Her FAVORITE 2 meals are hands down, Spaghetti or Hamburgers. If asked what she wants for dinner, it will no doubt be one of those.

Her heart is SO BIG! I pray that it stays that way.
Making Sister Marie's Day. Second Sunday in a row.

Recently, I have been reflecting on my prayer. Braden & I pray together every night, but afterward I try to make it a point to say my own prayer. In all honesty, I usually say a quick prayer thanking the Lord for my blessings & to be with all of the prayer requests at church along with a few other odds & ends. I've been making an effort to pray for my babies & their happiness. I know some pray that their kids find good spouses, etc. And, I thought about it.... Yes, I hope they find good spouses & all that OTHER stuff. But, above all, I pray that they find HAPPINESS. I pray that they are content (if not MORE) with the life that they choose. I also pray that they strive to do the Lord's will throughout their lives. They won't be perfect & I understand this, but I hope that they will use prayer & their conscience to guide them.

Right now, I LOVE having one boy & one girl. I can honestly look at either one of them & say, " You are my most favorite little GIRL/BOY."
 Jackson has been a learning experience for me. Since I didn't grow up with a brother or around many boy relatives, the whole boy stuff was new. And, it's been fun. He is totally different than Reago.
 Jax loves loves loves CARS or what we like to call Vroom Vrooms. Whether big or small, he enjoys rolling them across the floor, chairs, tables, walls, you name it. Every time we are out & about, he points out the vroom vrooms which are usually the motorcycles parked in front of wherever we are.
One of his first words (if not his first) was ball. Just like the vroom vrooms, he likes to point out any sports ball & now he gets excited when he sees a basketball hoop. He's got a pretty good arm, but this may be because I'm comparing him to Reagan {who at that age didn't show interest in balls like he does}.
He says a total of approximately 5 words like Momma, Dada, Ball, Daa {his version of please/thank you. I am not overly worried about his speech at this point. He will talk on his own time & until then I will try to figure out what he wants with his insistent pointing & "ehhh's".
If you ask him a question he will shake his head YES or No. He use to say NO to everything, but now he will actually shake yes appropriately.

Recently, he's been saying {what sounds like}, "Ooooh, MOM!" in the funniest whiny voice.
 He started doing this eye rolling thing when he was annoyed with me talking to him. It was hilarious! Now I bribe him to do it & he flutters his eyes while rolling them with his head tilted up all dramatically. I laugh every time.
This is his annoyed look
He has such an infectous laugh & big cheeser grin.
At the same time, he throws some mighty tantrums.
He still adores his big sissy girl.

And, I'd have to say now more than ever, he is a HUGE mommas boy.

He is a bit aggressive. He is curious about others & loves to hug kids he may not know. When I ask him to say sorry to me or another, he promptly goes in for a big bear hug.

There is NOTHING like being a mommy. Every time I hear someone I know is pregnant, I get super excited. I just want to overload them with information of how their life is going to change FOREVER. I want to warn them that although it's the scariest thing to have a piece of your heart walking around outside of you, it is the most amazing experience & joy you'll ever encounter. I want to tell them, it will be hard. OH IT WILL BE HARD.... and, trying....VERY VERY TRYING, but every hug, eskimo kiss, Mommy I love you, smile, neck squeeze, & hand hold is worth all that & SO SO SO much MORE.

And, you know what makes it even that much better??? Having a partner by your side to go through those precious days, those hard times, those I'm tired moments, & those I can't stop laughing my head off. Seeing how these littles get excited when their Daddy walks through the door or when they are rough housing in Jackson room makes my heart swell that much more.

Our 5 year anniversary is coming up next week. Seems like I'm doing a lot of reflecting lately. I am beyond blessed to have a hard working husband who is very involved with our children. 95% of the time this blog is about my munchkins, but I wouldn't be able to be a stay at home mommy if it weren't for him. Because I him, I get to spend those special moments making memories with my two babies.

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