Friday, January 25, 2013

Locks of Love

I'd been thinking about cutting Reagan's hair into a cute little bob for quite some time now. I knew that I wanted her to donate the excess hair to Locks of Love.
For the past year or so, Reagan has insisted that she keep her hair long like Tangled (Rapunzel, for all of you non toddler Mommies). So I thought it might take some coaxing on my part. I had told a few people about my plan & I think that Reagan had overheard & was starting to get into the idea of chopping off her long blond locks.

I sat her down one day & pulled up the Locks of Love website. I showed her photos of children without hair & those wearing their wigs made from donated hair. I explained to her what a great thing she would be doing. I could tell the more I talked about it, the more she was getting a bit nervous. So I backed off a little.
We actually ended up going in that day & I was worried that her hair might not be long enough. To donate to Locks of Love, the hair has to be 10 inches from the top of a low ponytail. WE JUST MADE IT!
I have to admit my stomach did a little flip flop right before that first cut. I couldn't believe this was the same little girl who wanted nothing to do with short hair.
I am so very proud of my sweet girl doing something so giving, helpful, & for a great cause.
 She has already told me she wants to grow it out & cut it again :)

I picked up a fun pink polka dot mailing package that reminded me of Reago. And, we took it over to the post box where she put some stamps on & sent her locks off.
She loves her new 'do & couldn't wait to show it off that night at church & at school. This hairstyle definitely fits her fun sassy personality.

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