Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Oh Boy!

In between the 10(plus) loads of laundry, a full dishwasher, toys on the floor, finger prints all over, & counters that need to be re-wiped, I found a moment to blog.

Life as I know it right now....

Reagan insisting the last 3 nights that she put her rain boots and scarf hat on with her jammies after bath time.

Jax grinning from ear to ear while stubbornly not taking naps.
I wonder where these kids get their stubbornness??

Searching for the PERFECT preschool

Lots of Family time

A piece of chocolate cake from Safeway- this occurs at least 2x a week


Reagan learning to pick up her toys. I tell her that she has to be a good helper if she is going to go to preschool and she quickly complies.


Kisses after bath time

Goodnight prayers and butterfly kisses

Working on getting Jax to sleep in his crib

Fresh oranges off of our tree

Enjoying cleaning with my hand held Shark Steamer & mop

Trying out rice cereal but mostly spitting it out

Reagan wanting to do everything on her own- shoes, clothes, going potty(&wiping), setting the table

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