Monday, January 24, 2011

Quality Time.

So today Braden boss gave him a "snow day". Instead of getting last Monday (MLK day) off he gets today. Woo-hoo!! This means family time. We actually had plans to go to the snow, but time got away from us and the planning part didn't work out. We thought about what else we could do and what would Reagan enjoy.

A day with Daddy & Mommy at the park, oh and of course Jackson boy :)

Reagan loves getting out to play. She tired herself going up and down the slide. And by going up and down, I mean climbing up the ACTUAL slide and then slowly sliding down. Jackson watched in amazement while enjoying his new favorite thing chewing on the linked teething rings. We only stayed about a half hour, but time very well spent. 

By the way, we went the extra mile and WALKED to the park. Boy did it feel good to get out in the fresh air especially on such a gorgeous day.

When we got back home we packed up our things and headed over to Costco for an economical lunch. Daddy enjoyed pizza while Mommy and Reago feasted on a healthy Caesar salad. Then opted to walk around and try samples. Bought our 2 rotisserie chickens for tomorrows Tuesday morning and headed back home. Reagan quickly fell asleep once her sweet little head hit the pillow. 

A lovely day spent with my lovely family :) Life is sweet.

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