Tuesday, February 8, 2011

First Hair Cut.

Friday I had to take Reagan to get her bangs trimmed. The poor girl could barely see.

There is a place by Braden's work called Tangles . I've seen it many times before, but I have my favorite go to place to take Reagan for hair cuts. Friday I finally gave into my urge to check this (Tangles) place out and thought it convenient to be able to drop by and let the kiddos say hi to Daddy at work.

Oh my!! I LOVED it. It was a kids dream come true. (Sorry no pics, my camera was at home)

There was a big chalk board wall to write on, a station with 4 flat screens that you could play wii games, a little play kitchen, a toy bin, and containers filled with candy that you could purchase (ie starburst, m&ms, pixie stix).

SO with ALL of that being said, I'll get to my point...

While I was there I thought, "what the heck, I'm get getting Jax's hair cut too!" and so I DID :-)

The guy was great with squirmy/hungry/a bit cranky Jackson boy. He gave him a faux hawk that would melt your heart and trimmed all of his stranglies. Little man is just too stinkin' handsome!

It's funny the difference between a first born and the rest. When Reagan got her first hair cut I made sure both sets of grandparents were there for the experience. With Jax it was just a last minute sort of thing. (sorry little guy, at least I got a after photo)

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