Sunday, February 6, 2011

What blessings.

Fabulous FABULOUS weekend!

Friday night started off our revival weekend at church. Brother Nick Winkleman and his wife Sister Stephanie came with their two cute little munchkins, Caden(5 yrs) and Abbey(13 months). Church services were great as well as the preaching,-from what I hear  (I didn't get to listen due to Jax being overstimulated by all of the noise/people).

My really good friend, Jess, had her baby shower Saturday morning. She almost didn't make it due to being admitted to the hospital the evening before with high blood pressure (very scary!). Thank the Lord everything seems to be alright and she made it to her GORGEOUS baby shower hosted by her Mom and Sisters. She is now on strict bed rest and we are definitely keeping her and little Tynlee in prayer as she gets close to her due date.

Saturday evening we had another revival service that went just as great as the first. After each service (Friday and Saturday) we had fellowship in the back hall with food GALORE.  The visiting preacher and his family spent the night at our home. Reagan had an absolute blast playing with 5 year old Caden. She adored and admired every move he made. We even caught her sitting at the end of his bed Sunday morning just staring and waiting for him to get up to play. It was a joy to see how she interacted with him and all of their cute little dialogues of conversation. Miss Abbey was such a treat to have around as well. She is a quiet little thing but OH so sweet. We really enjoyed all of the fellowship and Sunday morning services were blessed with two sermons one of which Brother Fay Werskey got to preach. Our day ended with a delicious Thai lunch provided by Brother Dan's Thai restaurant. Oh my, what divine food!

Loved every minute of this weekend and I feel so blessed to be able to know and spend time with such wonderful people in the Lord's work.

PS The only thing that could have made this weekend any better was having my family (Dad, Mom, & Sis) there. Missed you guys!! Looking forward to seeing you next weekend :)

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