Saturday, March 5, 2011


What is bliss, you ask???

  • Bliss is sleeping in past 8am.

  • Bliss is waking up to waffles made by the hubs.

  • Bliss is Reago's crazy bedhead hair.

  • Bliss is Jax's sweet smiles to start off the day.

  • Bliss is grabbing a coffee at Starbucks this morning with my girlie girl.

  • Bliss is coming home and going on a stroll with my beautiful family.

  • Bliss is stopping at the park to play while on our stroll.

  • Bliss is watching Reago play on the slide and monkey bars with her Daddy.

  • Bliss is not worrying about what's on the TO DO list for the upcoming week.

  • Bliss is holding Jax as he falls asleep in my arms.

  • Bliss is watching Reago pick up a worm and say "YUCKY" while throwing it in the weed bucket.

  • Bliss is two napping kids and rest for myself.

  • Bliss is sharing conversation with my hubs over some tasty Safeway sandwiches for lunch.


Bliss IS today.

I'll explain the headphone another day

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