Friday, March 18, 2011

I've said it before.

6 months is my FAVORITE age!

but then again, I stated every stage with Reagan to be my favorite stage.

There is just something about 6 months.

Honestly I enjoy every stage, especially when they are newborns-- so sleepy & peaceful (not always, but let's look at the positive shall we)

One day you blink and SIX months has gone by!

And, you realize WOW this is IT.

This is where it really gets fun.

How did he go from barely playing with a toy to sitting up and grasping/reaching for them?

His smile has become even more distinct and those blue eyes are electrifying.

I get a kick out of watching Reagan play with her baby brother. She loves to run to the closet, open the diaper bag, & grab him whatever she thinks he needs. She has proven to be a very good big Sis.

Nursing this little guy is probably going to come to a halt here real soon, especially with those two big toofers & more to come.

I have been much more lax with this little man.

Today was the first day I introduced THE SIPPY CUP.

With Reagan we were always eager to advance to the next thing.

JAX, now he is a different story. I'm taking my time (for the most part).

He still sleeps in our bed about 50% of the time. This IS getting better. There are nights where he sleeps in his crib until morning (4:00-5:00am). These are rare, BUT they happen.

He's sitting up all on his own. Woo-hoo!

Reagan was sitting up at 5 months AND had already been introduced to the sippy cup. Hey, they say girls mature faster than boys. There may be some truth to that :)

No matter where they fall in maturity, I'm enjoying every second with these two love bugs.

Mornings are the absolute best, waking up to Reagan (who made her way into my bed sometime in the early morn) & a hopefully still sleeping Jax. And, when that little guy wakes up he is SO happy. Every morning begins with Reagan asking for cereal, a cup of coffee for Mommy, & ear to ear grins from Mr. Jax playing in his exercauser.

Can life get better?


Haha, I bet you read that and thought she's crazy, she has so much to be thankful for. And yes, I certainly do.

BUT, life can always get better. We plan on having more little one/ones. And, like I said I love every stage. So it's bound to only get better.

For now, I'm enjoying my GREAT life at this moment in time.

I thank the Lord for big hugs/kisses/I love you's from my sweet girlie girl and the smile of appreciation/admiration from my little Jax.

So I continue to be a sappy sentimentalist driving in the car getting teary eyed at any country song about kids growing up.

Being a MOMMY has only made me better. Not that I was great to begin with.

Being a mommy has brought empathy into my life (but that's a whole other post in itself). If you know me well, you know that I am not an overly emotional person (definitely more emotional now that I have kids), patience runs VERY thin if at all, & I am not the most empathetic person you'll ever meet. As I grow older and hopefully wiser these attributes are changing for the better.

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