Sunday, March 20, 2011

My little sickie.

Yesterday we had the lovely opportunity to attend my friend Laura's twins, Madison & Levi, 1st birthday party. She did an outstanding job decorating in a monkey theme and the cake was too cute for words (think I might use her lady in the future).

The night before Miss Reagan and Mr. Jax stayed with the their Grammy & Papa Dave so that Braden & I could take our dear friends (who just had a baby girl) dinner down in Modesto. It was a long night full of rain & traffic all of the way there, but so worth it to hold that precious little peanut Tynlee and get to catch up with one of my closest friends. Braden & I truly enjoyed ourselves and the drive home was peaceful (No traffic!). This was our first night EVER without our two little munchkins. I really missed them, but it was so nice to get a good nights rest with my hubby.

Braden went to pick our little ones up early Saturday morning and we headed over to Costco a bit later for some lunch. I had my usual $1.50 hot dog and soda (can't beat that fantastic deal!) & Braden and Reago shared some pizza. Then we went off to get a couple of items and head over to the party (as mentioned above)

After the twins party we came home and both kids took naps. Jax woke up first while Reagan slept all tuckered out from partying it up :)

When Reagan did get up, it was NOT good. We were just about to leave to go out to dinner AND...

She proceeded to throw up all over the carpet in the living room. She is definitely a girlie girl. It was like a excerpt from the story Pinkalicious.

We cleaned her up and assured her that everything was okay so that she wouldn't be scared. Daddy cleaned the carpet while Mommy gave her a bath to get her all cleaned up.

She seemed to be feeling better so we went with our plans to still go out to dinner.

Dinner went alright, but she wasn't much interested in any of her rice & beans nor in her milk cup. We finished up dinner and headed home. She seemed to be doing just okay, but there was no fever & she wasn't overly lethargic.

As soon as we got home.... IT ALL CHANGED.

She once again proceeded to throw up. This time all over the kitchen tile (a much better place to clean up).

I stripped her down & cleaned her up. We put some warm snuggly jammies on her and RELAXED.

The rest of the night went as normal. UNTIL...

Some point (in the middle of the night) Reagan came into our room with throw up all in her hair.

And again, I gave her a bath & changed her clothes. And she got to come sleep with Daddy & Mommy.

So today-- SUNDAY--church day--Back to Back... miss Reagan and I are staying home.

It's for the best.

We will paint, do crafts, play with play dough, blow bubbles, and take it easy. Anything to keep her mind off of not being able to go to Sunday school with her Grammy and friends.

I'm praying we don't have any more incidents...

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Colleen said...

Love the cake! I hope Miss Reagan is feeling better!