Friday, March 11, 2011

Jax. Jackson Boy. Little Man.

The little guy turned 6 months old yesterday.


That's half of a year!

Where did the time go?

He has been such an added joy to our growing family.

I can never get enough of those ear to ear grins--definitely his Daddy's.

He is full of lots of jibber jabber in the form of coos, buhs, & high pitched aahs.

He constantly blows rasberries. I think it is the cutest thing.

Jax LOVES anything he can get his little hands on and put in his mouth.

Nights have gotten better. There is a lot more time now spent in his crib sleeping.

Solids... not going so well. He either sits there pursed lipped or screams/cries hysterically while you try to feed him.
            ~Come on little man, they're bananas! What's not to like? It's not like we are shoving spinach and peas down your throat.

2 bottom teeth have forcefully made their way through with others to follow.

Weight: approximately 14.5 lbs

Height: 66 cm or in other terms 26 inches

Favorite toys: Einstein exercauser, Einstein mat, & of course Sissy

He's still nursing but loves his bottles. I'm holding on to nursing a little bit longer. Reagan nursed for 6 months so I want to try to get pass that point.

Jax is almost sitting up on his own. He will do it for a couple of seconds, but then leans to one side and plops down.

He's got rolling over down.

His personality is showing through stronger and stronger with each day.

And, OH those laughs. The sweetest you've ever hear :)

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