Monday, March 14, 2011

Mom, this ones for you.

I strongly believe that you do not fully appreciate your Mom until you have your own kids.

Like I've said before, mommyhood has turned me into a sappy sometimes nutty sentimentalist.

I have often taken my Mom for granted.

Obviously I love her very much, but as a child you are a taker and not so much a giver.

I was very blessed to grow up in a two parent home with a mom who was there whenever I needed her.

My mom taught me more than just the fundamentals of life.

She led by example and I wouldn't be the woman, wife, or mother I am now without her influence.

My LOVE for cooking came from getting right there in the kitchen with my mom and letting me help her. She never pushed me aside because I was a bother or didn't do it the right way. Instead, she showed me.

My Mom is an excellent cook! Always trying new recipes and using fresh innovative ingredients. I thank her for this, because I have been opened to a world of fresh and flavorful dishes as well as the classics (ie Sunday roast & her delicious Spaghetti sauce).

I now do this with my own little girl. I see so much of me in Reagan. She is always eager to help me in the kitchen and very independent. Sometimes this tests my patience, but that is something I need to work on because these are tools that she will carry on as she grows older and becomes a wife & mommy.

My Mom has taught me how to be a good wife. One of the best examples I can think of is just watching how her & my Dad spend a lot of quality time together. They go walking together, out on dates to the movies/new restaurants, cook together, & spend time shopping with each other.
In my opinion, spending time with your spouse is one of the key components to a healthy/happy marriage. Braden and I like to have Costco dates, in home movies dates, family sit down dinners every night, etc.

I thoroughly enjoy entertaining and I tell people that I would like our next house to have a great room connected to the kitchen so that I can cook and talk at the same time. My mom was always having people come over for lunch, dinners, the weekends, Sunday lunch, Baby showers, book club, etc. There was often a stream of people running through our house growing up. This must be where my love of company comes from. She always put on a good spread making guests feel right at home...

Which leads me to what a great housekeeper she is. I am a bit OCD (obsessive complulsive). I like things in their places and I hate clutter. I remember being a teenager and crying (yes, crying) when my mom would make me vacuum. What a silly girl I was! I also had the task of unloading the dishwasher, which I strongly disliked. Now I look back and think this was all training. Training for the housekeeper I would become. I actually get a little burst of joy when the dishwasher is emptied, the clothes are all folded, and the house is freshly vacuumed. I enjoy these things because they make for a healthy environment for my family.

 My Mom is a good friend to all of those who know her and a fabulous gift giver. I love getting gifts from my mom. They are always wrapped so pretty (anything girly and frilly thrills my soul).

Her warm smile and friendliness makes it easy to like her for all those she meets. I hope to have & obtain these qualities. Yes, fabulous gift giver is superficial but it's something I would like to be. Who doesn't enjoy giving someone a gift and seeing their face light up with excitement & satisfaction.

My Mom is these and so many more...

To name a few: wonderful MiMi to my kids, good advice giver, fashionista, absolutely beautiful, etc.

So why such a random post?

Because like I said, I'm a sappy sentimentalist and time is too short. The kids are growing fast. I look at them and it breaks my heart to think one day they will leave me. They will go off to college, get married and start a family of their own, &/or travel around the world. Whatever they decide to do, they will not be my little snuggly babies anymore. They will be their own independent adult. I want to give them the tools to do so, but for right now I will just relish in the cuddles, kisses, hugs, & Mommy I love you's.

And, I love my Mom!

So for all of the times I didn't say it, Thank you Mom for being the best teacher & example.

Guess I could have saved this post for Mother's Day, but why share the appreciation I have for my Mom.

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