Wednesday, March 30, 2011

On a Daily Basis.

I ( wife to handsome hubby Braden & Mommy to the cutest kiddos)....

  • Wonder, " what did I say today that was "inappropriate" in front of my 2 1/2 year old"

  • Cross my fingers that Jax does his POOP in the morning-- not right before we leave when I put his clothes on for the day

  • Pour dish soap in bottle, add hot water, shake, & rinse

  • Let my OCD demon get the best of me---I'm constantly picking things up knowing that they are just going to be made a mess again 2 seconds later

  • Check Facebook--about a 100 times (as if something drastic is going to happen & I can't miss it)

  • Have bedtime prayers with Daddy & Reago followed by our butterfly, butterfly, eskimo, kiss, big ol' hugs because I love you! ritual

  • Consider putting on eyeshadow but then resort to a quick coat of mascara-- 2 if your lucky ;-)

  • After playing 20 guesses, ask Reagan to SHOW me what she is talking about

  • Run the dishwasher

  • Think, " He PICKED me" -- I'm a lucky girl

  • Sit down to dinner as a family--this is a NECESSITY & A MUST 

  •  Obsess about my weight--but only in my head & every now and then to Braden

  • Eat dessert

  • Think, " I have fabulous friends"--- No, I truly do. Once you become a Mommy, having other Moms to vent & get advice from is VITAL

  • Think about MY mini van

  • Pray with Reagan before each meal

  • Window shop online-- you wouldn't believe how many times I get to the checkout and then "destroy" my order

  • Stick to OUR budget

  • Look forward to Disneyland-- I may be more excited than Reagan

  • Think gosh, my kids ARE super cute-- & yes, I can say this (it's my blog) and they are my kids

  • Get a little sad & upset at the thought of some crazy/stupid/heartless/immature/idiot out there has my WEDDING RING-- okay REALLY sad & upset, but I can't dwell on it or I start feeling sick to my stomach

  • Thank the Lord for this perfectly unperfect life that I am blessed to have

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