Tuesday, April 5, 2011


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My poor sweet girlie girl had a horrible time last night & so did Mommy. She kept waking up in her room not be able to breathe from what I think is allergies. The hubby didn't believe me last year when I claimed that this is what was causing her runny nose, watery eyes, & stuffiness.  

I'm pretty sure he believes me this year :)

So anyway, she worked her way into our bed which then led to....

Daddy sleeping in her bed & her sleeping with me in the BIG bed, also known as Daddy & Mommy's bed.

**Btw, the BIG bed is now covered in a GORGEOUS quilt comforter from Anthropologie--I'm in love!!

It was a miserable night consisting of my girlie girl waking up in hysterical fits. Note-- I had taken a benadryl right before I went to sleep.

So today, TODAY I went in search of an allergy medicine for 2 year olds.

Do they make such a thing, I wondered!?


I'm not having another sleepless night especially now that Jax is sleeping ALL the way through the night, WOOT!!

I stood in Whole Foods for what seemed like an eternity debating on which allergy medication to get.

To my amazement there were SO MANY to choose from. Come on, can't there be like 3 & you choose your favorite brand (kind of like diapers).

The kids were getting impatient with me so I finally decided...

Hylands (because I love them so much for their teething tables) Allergy tablets won.

Reagan has taken a few already & will take a few more before bed.

Cross your fingers that tonight is MUCH better.

Mommies, What do you give your little ones when they suffer from colds/allergies?? What is your favorite brand or the brand that you have had best results with??

A little extra...

Here are some photos from today's play date & birthday party over the weekend :)

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Lone Star Family said...

I hear ya about the allergies! I just recently started giving my 2yr old Children's Claritin. I hear it takes a few days to really kick in, so we will see. I wonder what is so different this year, my son and I usually don't have allergies but this year we are both miserable. We even had to take a trip to Urgent care UGH! I may have to look into the Hylands if the Claritin doesn't work out. Good luck!!