Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Mini Pedis.

These are the days I LOVE being a mommy to a girlie girl.

Reagan had her 1st pedicure (well, toenail polish). I've painted her toes plenty at home, but this was the first time out with the girls.

My girlfriend Amy & I decided last minute to treat our sweet girls after todays play date at the park.

It was a Mommy & Me pedi day!! And Oh, how I love the thought of many more of these days to come.

Alyssa got green sparkle toes & Reagan got (of course) pink sparkle toes. They both got a cute little daisy on each big toe. ADORABLE!

Okay, so I just had to share that first :)

This morning we met our Mommy Group for coffee & then headed over to the park to enjoy this stunning warm weather. (Thank goodness, because the rest of the week is suppose to be cold)

I get a kick out of watching Reagan. She is such a daredevil. Before I know it, she's climbing up on the "big" kid equipment.

I'm always saying she's my tomboy in girlie girl clothing. I love it that way! Thank goodness she's not much of a complainer or hysterical when she gets an owie. Jax, well... he may be a different story (let's hope for the best).

I sure do love this little guy!


Edwin and Jess said...

How sweet! I can't wait until Peyton is old enough for us to do pedis together :) She's the same way as your little girl...wide open, daring, and wild but such a girlie girl! The best of both worlds!

Tracy said...

How fun!! I can't wait to do those things! You have such a cute and sweet family!