Thursday, April 7, 2011

10 on Random Thursday.

1. We just got home from the store & Reagan (of course) fell asleep. So as I was transferring her from car seat to bed I took her *Salt Water Sandals* off & a penny fell out. I had to smile. In the car (before sleep got the best of her) she was telling me there was "money" in her shoe. I had already forgotten about it until I layed her down & there was the "money".

2. I've been running around like a crazy lady with my head cut off. My mom & three of her co-workers are going to be here this evening & they are all staying over. The four of them are going to be attending a preschool conference on Saturday, so I get my Mom all to myself tomorrow for some girl time :)

Some how my laundry situation got WAY out of control... probably not to anyone else, But I like to keep all of the baskets as empty as possible---this means Whites, Colors, Delicates, Reagan's, & Jax's. Remember I told you I'm a bit OCD. So this morning I did load after load of laundry & I'm FINALLY done!! Well almost... I still have Reagan's sheets, but she's sleeping on those right now.

Aside from the laundry there was cleaning both bathrooms, straightening up, Shark steaming the WHOLE house, vacuuming, wiping things down, unloading the dishwasher, setting up beds for 4 women, putting out towels, etc. The list goes on.

All of this may sound like NO BIGGIE, but I have to work this all around a 2.5 year old & 6 month olds schedule (let me state, they aren't really on a schedule just whatever they happen to need at the time)

3. My sanity has been kept in tact by little things throughout the day:

Lady Gaga playing in the car on the way to the market.

Peeping at Jax while I was doing my make-up in the bathroom & having him catch my eyes & give me a huge sheepish grin.

Reagan's penny incident.

Coke Zero.

Looking down at my freshly painted toes & relishing in the fact that summer is right around the corner.

By the way, does anyone else LOVE Cee Lo's song "FORGET YOU"?? I honestly don't even know the lyrics (they could be really bad), but everytime it comes on in the car I instantly get happy :)

4.Reagan, she loves her cousin Griffin.

5. Here are some snippets of our (The Hubby & 1) "new" room.
7. Jax is addicted to the plug, refuses to eat solids, & loves his babas. Oh, & as I sit here typing he is screaming bloody murder on his tummy--- so we can safely say, he HATES tummy time.

8. Allergies have hit our home strong this week & we are all (with the exception of the Hubby) suffering miserably... well maybe he's suffering too with all of our complaining ;-)

9. Isn't this a cool photo. I did not do any editing, the picture just came out his way. She looks like an angel.

10. I have a SUPER funny potty sleeping video of Reagan to share. If only, I could figure out how to send the video from my high-tech phone to my pc. The darn thing won't upload. I'll keep trying, it's hilarious!

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