Saturday, April 9, 2011

MiMi's In Town.

Yesterday was a fun-filled day spent with MiMi & her lovely friends.

In the morning we toured 2 preschools. The first was Bev Bos' Roseville Community Preschool which is known world wide. I mean, people come from other countries to check this school out & to go to Bev Bos work shops. The only thing I can say without you actually seeing the place for yourself, is to look up reviews.

This preschool is ah-maz-ing!!

Oh my, I was ready to sign Reagan up right there & then, BUT there was ONE thing holding me back...

these people were taking a ride on the crazy train. When we arrived this one little fiery head headed boy was calling everyone stupid. I was appalled by this. That is NOT acceptable behavior. And, when I asked the teacher about it she said that "We don't use the term bully" &  that they DO NOT punish the children with a time out. They simple tell the child that they do not appreciate being called stupid. Now this is all fine & dandy, but I am not going to tell a child 100 times that I do not appreciate being called stupid nor am I going to put up with him calling my sweet little girl stupid. I am a take action kind of woman & if he were my kid.... well you don't want to know (I'll keep that to myself in case some one from CPS reads this, haha)

Okay, so aside from the annoying little boy this place was (in Layman's terms) AWESOME! The best way I can describe it is Neverland. Too bad they don't rent the place out for birthday parties, because I would be doing Reagan & Jax's party there every year.... that is how COOL it was.

And, even better the price was right... with ONE big exception. This is a Co-Op. And, if you are not familiar with a Co-Op, it simply means that there is lots of parent participation. I would have to be at the school ONCE a week (Reagan would only be going 2 half days per week). It is only 2.5 hours out of my week & it would pretty much be like a Mommy Play Date, but I just don't know if I am ready to make that commitment & what if I'm pregnant next year (at the moment, this is not the plan).

In any case, it was a good experience & now I have toward 7 preschools in the Nor Cal area.

The second preschool was Little Orchard Preschool & really I don't have too much to say about this school. I had previously toured this preschool on my own with the kiddos & was pretty impressed. After this second tour with my Mom & her co-workers, I was NOT impressed. So there isn't anything I need to say.

After our tours we headed to Cheesecake Factory for a delicious lunch. We splurged on some red velevet cheesecake (most definitely my favorite!) & some sort of tropical cheesecake that I wasn't too fond of.

For the rest of the afternoon we walked around the Fountains enjoying the sunshine (but cold weather). Reagan got to ride the CHOO-CHOO train with MiMi. She has been begging to do this for the last few weeks & now the time had finally come. She was soooo excited :)

We had a fantastic time. I'm enjoying my Mom's (MiMi's) visit. Tonight my Dad will be arriving via train. Looking forward to having everyone here & spending time together.

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