Monday, April 11, 2011

Bikini Ready.


Let's face it folks. Baby #2 was not as kind as the first.


There is HOPE

I found the most amazing app (on my fabulous do it all phone)

I am a calorie counter. This is how I lose weight.

I DO NOT like to run & on rare occasions you will find me walking for maybe 45 minutes.

This awesome app counts ALL of my calories for the day & tracks my progress.

I can even look up an item if I am not sure how many calories are in it--How COOL is that!?

A BIG yay for technology!!


It's FREE. Yes, F-R-E-E . FREE!

It is Day numero UNO.

Crossin' my fingers I can stick to it.

And maybe. Just MAYBE.... next year I will be bikini ready :)

Oh, so I bet you came here to see some stinkin' cute pics of my munchkins.

Well I can't leave you disappointed.

Yes, that's my girlie girl crawling all over outside in her NEW outfit.


Papa Richard (my dad) with Reagan & Papa Dave (Braden's dad) with Jax
Doesn't my lil guy look SO handsome in his tie!?

These are MY guys

1 comment:

Stacy said...

Ashley: for the "second baby diet" I LOVE It's a calorie counter that even counts calories you BURN if you enter excersize, AND it's like Facebook in that you can have friends also using it comment on your weight loss etc... I find it helps to have a cheering section! I love it and it's super easy with my smart phone... PS: not like you need to loose weight! I'd give my left leg to look like you!