Tuesday, April 12, 2011

7 month comparison.

They are definitely looking more alike in their coloring, but have totally different looks. Reago was a chunky monkey bebe & Jax is still petite small.

Everyone I talk to says Jax looks like his Daddy which thrills my soul!!

I love that I have my mini-Me & Braden has his :)

I'd have to say Jax is high-maintenance.

I don't remember Reagan being so whiny.

Jax craves/needs/wants your attention ALL of the time.

And, when you give it to him....

that sweet boy gives you the BEST 2 toothed smile you will ever see. It's the kind that melts your heart & makes you want to give him ALL of the attention in the world.

I know, I know... EVERY Mom says their son is a Mama's boy....

BUT, mine really is :) & EVEN if he isn't(which he totally IS). He.Is.Mine. & I will claim it so.

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