Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Diaper Bag Snob.

Some people collect purses. Some people collect shoes.

I collect diapers bags.

NOT just any diaper bags...

(I guess what you would call) Designer Diaper Bags.

This was the first one given to me by my Mom when I was prego with Reagan. The JuJuBe Packabe.
I LOVE it's smooth & sleek look. This baby went everywhere with my Bebe.

About a year later I found this Fuh-AB-U-Lous Oilily Diaper Bag while vacationing in Aspen.

I still kick myself for not buying another one. These sweet bags retail for $238 & I just so happened to stop in while Oilily was having a sale. So I forked over a mere $60 for this Ah-Mazing bag. Shoot-I could have given (the other one) at a baby shower. Okay, let's be honest. I would have kept it all to myself. Which leads me to...

About 4 months ago, I stumbled upon another AWESOME sale. This time on Diapers.com.

2 Fleurville Re-Run bags. One retailing at $89 & the other $79.

Each of them cost me right around $20. Major steal!!

They both still have the tags on them. I just MIGHT have to do a diaper bag giveaway. Message me if you have a preference of which one.

Now for diaper bag # 5. The one that is in current use. Could be my favorite. Not sure.

I found this one while strolling through Nordstrom Rack. Saw the super cute bag & HAD to. NO, seriously. HAD.TO.HAVE.IT.
Fossil-with water proof exterior

I somehow worked it into my budget & have been in love ever since.

So while some must have their Coach or LV purses.

I love me a bright, roomy, lots of pockets, room for babas & a sippy--- Designer Diaper bag.

My next purchase is a Petunia Pickle Bottom :)


Ashlynn said...

Hey there! I actually just got Harper some Tylenol and he already had Benadryl. I will have to check into those tablets! Thanks!

bryluvspink said...

LOVE my Petunia Pickle Bottom!!!! Awesome diaper bag....best money ever spent!

Raven said...

I love Oilily ,I do. And this post, and your kids. You are all so cuuuute!!!!!!