Thursday, April 28, 2011

Another year older.

Yesterday I turned 24!

I'm getting up there. HaHa.

I am now joining the mid twenties group. No longer, THAT young Mama.

I only kid. BUT there is a part of me that is starting to feel old. I think that may have something to do with running around with 2 munchkins all day.

My special day was  great. Nothing too crazy or wild. Come on now, I'm 24. A respectable adult & wife/mommy. There is no time or ENERGY for the typical 20-something old partying. And HONESTLY, I have NO. Absolutely NO. desire to go out & party it up like I'm some young thing.(This may change in years to come when I'm missing my youth)

I woke up to my FAVORITE drink (provided by the Hubby) from Starbucks- an Iced Venti Soy Chai Latee- YUM!!! Along side my drink was one of those aahhh-dorable pink birthday cake pops.

Way to start the day off right!

The rest of the day....

Somehow the kids missed the memo. It's Mommy's Birthday. This means... YOU MUST BEHAVE! They weren't horrible, BUT I've seen better days :) Reagan was sensitive to the fact that it was MY day (believe me, I'm not a crazy person making everyone bow at my very command, although this may make it sound that way) & so she would shape up right away & say "sorry mommy"---melt my heart!

We went to play group which was held here at ReCreate. So fun!!

My girlfriend, Rebecca,  who hosted the playdate was sweet & brought the kids crustables,sliced apples, & cupcakes to celebrate my birthday.

The kids were read Michael Recycle

& then did a craft where they got to build their own little city.

If only I could find Reagan's finished product, I'd show you her ARTISTIC skills .

The evening was spent with my Hubby's fabulous family (Papa, Grammy, Uncle Eric, Auntie Ash, & Cousins Griffin & Piper). We went to one of my favorite joints-- RED ROBIN-- where I feasted on a messy delicious Whiskey River BBQ burger. Ooooh it was SO good! worth.every.calorie.

Such a fantastic way to spend my birthday. Low key & pretty relaxed :)

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Colleen said...

Happy Birthday Lady! I turned 24 in March and I swear the wrinkles around my eyes have gotten way worse! I feel like I'm ancient too...So not looking forward to my late 20's!