Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Insane in the Membrane.

I'm going BAAAA-ZERK!

My house is in shambles. *SIGH* :-/

Somehow I have avoided a melt down. UGH!

One may come at ANY minute. So be for-warned.

We were out of our house from last Wednesday until Sunday---YIKES!!!

Thank the Lord, I have FABULOUS, Fantastic, Aah-Mazing In-Laws. We couldn't have gotten everything accomplished without their help.

The house is SLOWLY coming together.

Let me just give you a little glimpse of why I am on the verge of a FREAK OUT...

Everything. I mean EVERYTHING {the floors. the couch. the big chair. the table. the bedrooms. the appliances. I could go on.} is/was covered in a THICK disgusting layer of concrete dust.

And this doesn't bode well with the allergies & persistent asthma attacks I've got going on.

The last few nights have been spent with my AWESOME In-Laws wiping the WHOLE house down from top to bottom.

Things are starting to get back to NORMAL.

Oh yes! I must give credit to my HARD WORKING Hubby who has worked his tail off chipping away getting those (UGLY) brick red tiles up.... As well as sanding AND grinding down the concrete. GO HUBBY!! I LOVE you & appreciate you TREMENDOUSLY.

This was our FIRST big home improvement job. And, aside from my frustrations I appreciate all of the effort & time put in to make it happen.

Okay. Okay. Moving on.

Here is Easter(week).

I LOVE this photo--plus I'm a bit bias of those super cute munchkins

Ready for some egg hunting
Easter Egg hunt with our mommy group
Peter Rabbit spoiled these kids rotten
I think Reago made out REALLY good

Jax's Easter goodies
Peter Rabbit left a trail bunny fur for Reagan to follow
Reagan was so happy with what "Peter Rabbit" brought her

Jax LOVED everything in his basket

Reagan's dress from Ellie-Beans
Our sweet little family
Singing at church- super cute lil boy on the right is her cousin Griffin
Outfit from Ellie-Beans - She's great!!
Daddy & Jax
Dying Eggs


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