Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Did you hear??

Gosh, Do you ever feel like you are just keeping your head above the water??

Scratch that. Your Nose?

That's been life these days.

At this very moment the Hubby & FIL are sanding down the floors in our house to prepare for our floor make-over on Friday. WOOT!

Being a Mommy of TWO lil munchkins really really keeps you going.

can't you tell I'm pulling my hair out trying to make her behave

I'd like to have a lovely chat with the bees & the flowers. PLEASE take your cruddy pollen somewhere else!! Anywhere away my family. Especially ME.

Took Reagan to get checked out for Asthma. She does not have it.

Had her checked for allergies. She does not have them. (apparently children don't get seasonal allergies unitl 4/5 yrs old-- What a load!)

At least the Doc was nice enough to write me a prescription for an inhalor. Thanks Doc! 

Lately I've been the person that I HATE.

I'm running late. I've been flakey (ugh- just typing it makes me cringe). I'm forgetful.

Where is Ashlie & who has taken over her brain?!?

It doesn't help that my house is torn apart with remodeling going on, the kids take turns being sick, & Jax is teething like a MANIAC (She's a maniac, maniac....) --- sorry, the song just popped into my head.

I'm determined to get this FIXED.

Let me get through this week. Get my house back in order. Pop the kids full of Vitamin C & enjoy my new floors :)

Have you seen my kids lately. They are ADORABLE :)
Looking forward to all of the Easter festivities this week.
super cute outfit from ETSY.com

Dying Eggs. Candy. Endless egg hunts. Candy. Friends. Candy. Crafts. & more Candy.

We had some lovely friends from southern Cali stay with us over the weekend.

Reagan & their little boy Matthew had a good time playing together.

And to keep with the randomness... Here are some odds n ends photos from the past week. Enjoy!!
His face is cracking me up

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Lone Star Family said...

Ha! you just wrote my post! We are going through the same stuff here.I've lost my mind. The allergies, allergies, allergies! and we are getting our floors done too. It stinks living n a construction zone. Good luck to you, I feel your pain!