Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Guilty Pleasures.

  •  One Tree Hill

This REALLY shows my age. I was a teenager when One Tree Hill first aired & I got hooked. Eventually I married, had kids, & never had a moment or thought for this show. It is very rare that I get to watch it (& it amazes me they are still making new episodes), but when I do (deep down) I'm super excited. Childish... yes, but I can't help myself. And, NO ONE except my husband (& now all of you) know. Please, don't laugh.

  • Soap Operas 

I have to admit, as shameful as it may be... I LOVE me a good dramatic soap opera. Preferably General Hospital (& don't get me started about them discontinuing in the Fall). What else am I suppose to do while folding laundry ;-) And the great thing, even if you've missed 1 or 10 episodes, you can EASILY pick up right where you left off. Now all I need is a box of bon bons. I only kid, of course.

  • Cheap Sheet Cake
My sweet Reagan girl's 1st Birthday

I have an OBSESSION with cake! Not just any cake. The cheap sheet cake that you get for birthday parties. I LOVE IT!!! My favorite part about going to the kid's friends birthday parties... THE CAKE. Just ask my hubby. He knows we aren't leaving till that sweet stuff is served :) I often send him out during the week to pick up a slice from the market for dessert. CRAZY!? I. think. not. Although, it's not helping with the baby weight. Aaahhh, who cares... I'm having more babies.

Okay, so there's a few secrets. Don't judge. That's why they are called Guilty Pleasures.

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