Wednesday, May 4, 2011

One More Secret.

Since I am all about secrets today. I thought I'd share ONE more with you.

I've been clubbing with Paris Hilton.

Haha. It sounds much more scandalous than it really is.

Here's the story.

Back in my college days, while I was attending church in Southern Cali, a sweet young couple (Doug & Jen) with two kids asked me to join them on their Vegas trip. I was babysitter.

I had NEVER been to Vegas (& it may be my last time, according to the hubby).

We took their humungously beautiful motor home & parked at the Mandalay Bay. That evening the two of them went out with the Doug's parents & I watched the kiddos & ordered room service (hey, they told me I could!). I was totally shocked when they came back & said that we could go check things out (them & I, the kiddos stayed with their grandparents in the hotel room). Sorry if you getting lost in this story. Anyway....

We ended up at the Venetian. GORGEOUS!

There was a new club that had just opened, TAO. We stood in line trying to get our sneek peak & maybe JUST MAYBE get in. While wandering around USHER walked right in front. NO LIE. The dude passed right by my face. I knew it was him. He has that baby face & big diamond earring.

And, there was Paris Hilton! Her & her friend were walking back to their hotel room and I ran in front of them like a crazy person. End of story. Well that part anyway....

Here's come the GOOOOOOD Part.

Doug gave the bouncer a one-hundred dollar bill. The bouncer let Jen & I in (but NOT Doug!). We went exploring. OH MY, so much fun!! It was crazy dark & on the first floor they were handing out sushi & in the entrance there were about 6 bath tubs fillied with water & rose petals while girls sat in them looking pretty. We headed up stairs where the real action was.

There was NO drinking or craziness of the like on mine or Doug & Jen's part

There was lots of dancing (I.CANNOT.DANCE). I didn't even try. I was just star struck. I saw Tara Reid, the boyfriend Josh from Sabrina the Teenage Witch, & many other celebs that I probably didn't even recognize.

So as we are wandering there is this closed off (just by some ropes) section where people are dancing. Being the COOL person that I am... I REACHED IN & grabbed Paris Hilton's arm. There.It.Is.   I've touched Paris Hilton. HaHa.

Would I do it again. NO. Who cares. She is just another person. But it's a good story to tell.

Hope you don't think any less of me ;-)

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