Sunday, May 15, 2011

New Friends.

So a couple of weeks back we went to a birthday party for Reagan's friend Connor. There we met a super awesome couple & their sweet little girl Hannah. The lady, Emily,  & I really hit it off. We chatted during most of the party & decided that we MUST exchange our info & set up a play date. AND so we did....
Soaking up the Sun

Throwing pennies in the Fountain

Enjoying the weather at the park

Playing at Whole Foods

Bathing Suit Cuties

Yay for warm weather!!!

Having a blast with each other

My cute shark

So fun!

Delicious Lunch at San Francisco Boudin Bakery & Cafe

He wasn't impressed
We had a super fun filled day {the park, Whole Foods, running through the ground fountains, throwing money in the BIG fountain, & Lunch}. AND, we have MANY plans for more activities with the munchkins & our families :) Sometimes the Lord brings you blessings in disguise. It's amazing how you think you click with someone & then you start to get to know them even better & you realize you have so many of the same values & likes. It's great to meet new people & start new friendships.


Colleen said...

So where did you get Reagan's bathing suit? It's super cute!

Ashlie said...

Oh Friend! You wouldn't believe how much Children's Place is really stepping it up. They have a couple of SUPER cute bathing suits here:|132941_baby%20girl|swimwear . The one that Reagan is wearing is online now for TEN DOLLARS!!

Hope you & your sweet little family had a lovely weekend :)