Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A little coupon brag session.

Okay, so I'm pretty PROUD of myself.

I made a trip to Target (with two kids in the POURING rain) in need of a few necessities ONE of which was DEODORANT. I just so happened to have a few different deodorant coupons. Here is what I scored....


All of this for $9.43 (plus tax)!!! That's under $10, WOO-HOO! Each large body wash was $1.24 & the deodorants averaged out to $0.70 a piece.I purchased a few other things during this trip with coupons, but they weren't as great as these.

Obviously I am not a pro, I didn't make any money on them or even get them for free.... but I'm learning & I'm a beginner AND I'm pretty darn proud :) Any bit of money saved is helpful to my budget & gives us more spending money to do things like family outings, etc.

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Colleen said...

Good for you! I got free toothpaste this week at Walgreens!