Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sunny Days.

Well, Summer is officially here & we are definitely feeling the heat. It's been a good week & we've managed to keep cool.

The kid's cousin Abbey is here visiting from Georgia. On Tuesday we headed over to the movie theater down the street to meet up with Abbey, Auntie Ashleigh, & cousins Griffin & Piper. During the summer the theater is offering $1 movies on Tuesdays & Wednesdays. We saw "How to Train Your Dragon". It was cute & a little more geared for boys, but still cute.

Wednesday we had play group at a fun spray park in Rocklin. All of the kids had a good time running through the water & munching on lots of snacks.

The rest of the week is busy... Tomorrow we are meeting Emily & Hannah to make tye dye shirts & swim in their pool :)

On a random note, Jax pulled himself up for the first time this week!! I'm about to have a heart attack worrying about him falling on our concrete floor (WHAT WAS I THINKING!?). Keeping a strict eye on him, but OH  so proud of another milestone accomplished.

**I just had to step away from writing this post to have a "dance party" with my girl & we sang shake, shake, shake, SHAKE your bunnies (haha, we know we're cool).... oh how I am going to miss these moments.

White nectarine (peeled) & Watermelon

Messy Boy!

Emyrson & Reago

The girls with Jax

Reagan & Avery

Precious... they were running around holding hands

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Stephanie said...

We LOVE How to Train Your Dragon- so cute! And my swimsuit is actually maternity- it is the only one that is comfortable right now until I can lose some more baby lbs! It is a tankini, but it was from Motherhood Maternity :)